A Lot of Scrap Metal

I wanted to know which of the scrap metal dealers in our area paid the most for different types of material. I thought I would have to call all of them, so I was really thankful to find a website that actually did all of the homework for me. I knew that there were quite a few in the area, so I really was not looking forward to having to call each one. Instead, with this website, I was able to put in my address to find the ones in the area, and I was happy to have spent a fraction of the time in finding the one that would give me the most money for the scrap I wanted to give them.

The reason I had so much scrap is because my husband’s mother bought us a piece of land. There had been a house on it that had caught on fire, and the owners just never rebuilt. They chose to move instead, so the mess was mostly left behind for the new owners, which would be my husband and myself. I was really excited though, because we had always dreamed of building our own home.

We knew that there was not much we could do with the foundation that was left behind along with all the rubble, so we decided to just start fresh with building far away from the site of the house that had burned. There were several outbuildings that had not been touched by the fire, and we were surprised to find so much scrap metal in them. That is when I decided to go ahead and find out what the value of the scrap would be. I am so happy that I did this too. While it is not enough for me to quit my job or anything, it definitely came in handy for us at just the right time. Now we can focus on building!